consider this
the heartbeat of twenty-
seven stolen seconds, dead

reckonings in
bitter January birth-
pangs; consider

this the end
of beginnings, letters
upside down

on an unfinished
page written by one
who breathes the last

gypsied breath
of penance wearing
chipped midnight

on her toes, walks
the iron-dark canals
like some soulless

wild thing, all the while dis-
once upon a

time, i knew
how to write
love songs.


30 thoughts on “Consider

    • you know, i adore Carla Bruni, although i don’t know but about three words of French & have to look up a translation for every line… but thank you; high praise indeed!

  1. A ghostly look at the scorned lover, to be sure. We are all wanderers in that area, set adrift from time to time…we can teach and learn all we will, but we always seem to forget when the trauma rolls around again. Lovely poem, Joanna, with some fantastic use of language.

  2. Your finish brings it all home perfectly! Love the play with the font to better the impact, much like a whisper of what used to be.

  3. thank you, all of you, for your sincere comments. they mean a lot to me, truly. hope everyone’s year is starting off the way they would wish…


  4. Another great poem. You have a great voice, telling enough to make it interesting, leaving enough to the reader’s imagination, by giving us the details without the big picture

  5. Blogs reading mood today … as usual I love your poems, it’s just my muse has been gone for quite some time and I can’t even find appropriate words to honor the talent of others, but one thing is sure, your place it’s always full of talent … Happy Sunday!

    • so nice to hear from you, as always. you’re such a sweetheart, Blaga. i gotta get over to check out what you’ve been up to. sometimes muse-hunting can be as inspirational as having one on your shoulder… 🙂


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