Dear poet,

i learned a new word today,
and the earth smells like a fresh wound
where tiny waves lick the riverbanks,
catastrophizing early spring.

sometimes the guilt is gone for a moment,
and eternities blunted by the marks
of sharp scissors. your questions
i carve into the shape of april:

if we shine lights on the moon,
is the starglow indifferent?
if we make dents in the mattress,
does that make this just

another lust poem?

12 thoughts on “Dear poet,

  1. fabulous…great word choices in this as well…catastrophizing caught me off guard at first…the carving in the shape of april…the sharp scissors…ha, do dents in the mattress over come everything? even our true feelings?

    • do they indeed, b. catastrophizing is a great word… even better because it’s an actual one and not one i made up. smiles. looking forward to seeing you this friday!

  2. OK so who is the poet you’re writing to? I thought it was me at first. Fresh wound, catastrophizing? How the hell is this a lust poem? You must have a lust for disaster! 🙂 And what guilt are you carrying? Let it go, babe. Dents in the mattress is brilliant though, reminds me of Flowers in the Dirt. My daughter is also really hung up on a guy that she can’t get past and he’s a loser and I’m reticent to say so, because she’ll choose him in a heartbeat (that’s how powerful lust be), so all I hope is that you get past this quickly. I like the parallel structure of catastrophizing Spring and carving April, but enuf is enuf! I don’t know who he is, but I know who you is, and you can do better than him, trust me, Pop-o knows about those kind of guys. Pop-o *was* that kind of guy, luv Pop-o Moskowitz

    ps – entertaining poem and if I overstepped my bounds, please forgive your paternalistic pal

    • oh, Mosk! bless your heart. i do appreciate your concern. i really do. but you shouldn’t take everything i write so literally! it’s good to know someone is looking out for me though. thanks. 🙂


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